Marie Al Fajr

Based in Cairo and Paris, French choreographer Marie Al Fajr’s work has always raised questions on the politics of aesthetics and the production of temporalities. Her company’s choreographic investigation challenges our notions of beauty in contemporary dance now, and problematizes ownership of culture(s). Al Fajr Company was founded by Marie Al Fajr to invest in research into Egyptian dance and music, staging works that are rooted in contemporary Arabo-Egyptian culture, the history of Arab-Islamic art, the Arabic language and its poetic evocation as well as ancient Egyptian art, culture and philosophy. Her productions refuse market generated aesthetics and Western-centric performance codes. Never starting from ethnology or cultural anthropology perspectives, but rather from an embodied living quotidian knowledge, the work of Marie Al Fajr is perhaps ‘intemporary'(in the time) – as the artist refers to the creations – rather than ‘contemporary’ (with the time).


Marie Al Fajr and her company have perfomed at

–  New York Live Arts Theater – N-Y, U.S.A
–  HAU, Hebbel Am Uffer – Berlin, Germany
–  Town House Gallery – Cairo, Egypt
–  Rawabet Theater – Cairo, Egypt
–  Bilbiotheca of Alexandria – Creative Forum for Independent Theater Group, Alexandria, Egypt
–  Institut du Monde Arabe – Paris, France
–  Théâtre Mandapa – Paris, France
–  Théâtre K9 – Konstanz, Germany
–  Tanz Haus NRW – Düsseldorf, Germany