Bologna, ITALY

Thurs. 3th,
Sat. 4th & Sun 5th NOVEMBER 2023,

Studio Zambra

— Trois jours
de stage intensif

— Three days
intensive workshop

with Maria Martinez & Marie Al Fajr

Moving from the heart

Body-Mind Centering®
& Sufi Movement Practice from Upper Egypt

An in depth body awareness into a timeless way of moving within a contemporary approach.

The heart as a spiritual symbol in Sufism and even further in time for Ancient Egyptians. The heart as an emotional symbolic space. The heart, as an anatomic structure, an energetic center and a support for movement… The heart will be our focus of explorations for those three days in Bologna.

Open to everybody interested by movement, dance, well being and consciousness

For more information:
Marie Al Fajr /+33 623508385
Maria Martinez: / +39 3477902524

Thurs. 3th, Sat. 4th & Sun 5th NOVEMBER 2023

Bologna, ITALY
Studio Zambra – 10, Via Lugo – Bologna 40128

Maria Martinez