..Movement Rhythm & Breath, Workshop

–  Ritual dances of Egypt & Somatic approaches of movement

Dance, Rhythm and Breath to enjoy fully the plenitude of your being and go through life with more ease, fluidity, vitality and confidence.
A timeless way of moving.

A dance training course inspired by Sufi Zikr and ritual dances in Egypt* in two modules of 3 or 4 workshops.
An innovative contemporary teaching method with the support of Body Mind Centering* somatic approach.

These dancing training courses will lead us to the source of a ritual, ancestral body language – what we could call a « body wisdom » in movement with its strong current relevance-. A timeless soft and powerful holistic, ‘easy’ mobilization of the body underlying transformation and a bigger range of movement possibilities in space, an awareness to rhythms and pulsations in us and around us, an awakening of the body, of the senses, of our consciousness to fully be, and to getting to what the sufis would call « Hâl » (the state of being) within the joyous moments of the dance/transe.

Module 1: Ritual dances of Upper Egypt
A first approach of Egypt Zikr practice in relation with the memory of our own body’s creation – the way we became what we are through movement, sound, breath, anatomical visualisation and embodiment in order to refine our sensations and perceptions for a wider range of possibilities and quality of movement.

Module 2: Ritual dances of Upper Egypt
Practice and consolidation of Zikr movements in relation with experiencing the Basic Neurological Patterns underlying our way of moving. From crawling and sitting to walking processes

These modules are open to any one who wants to cultivate presence, awareness and well being through movement.
Amateurs, dance lovers, beginners or accomplished dancers: you are all welcome..!

N.B: please note that these traditions of movement which are part of religious occurence in Egypt will be taught in a « non-religious » dance context, deeply respectful of your own beliefs.

Each module amounts to 30 hours of training with 2 hours of auto-evaluation and assessment at the end of each module

We ask you to commit to the three or four workshops to get the certification but you are still welcome to attend one or two or three workshops out of the certified course.

* the zikr pratice of the tariqa Naqshbendeyya in the region of Esna in Upper Egypt
** BMC belongs to the field of Somatic Education and is an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body and the consciousness.

Module 2:

10 & 11 October 2020


Claudia Brandstetter